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AI Healthcare

People's interest toward health is evermore increasing,

and the quality of medical treatment has become more important than ever.

With HONGBOG'S AI Healthcare,

we offer top quality medical diagnosis and satisfaction to people around the world.

The Iris is divided into Sections

each connected to a part of the body through nerve endings

The left side of the body corresponds with left iris

The right side of the body corresponds with right iris

Damage to the iris reflects

impairment of the corresponding organ or body part

HONGBOG AI Healthcare

HONGBOG's AI Healthcare combines HONGBOG's proprietary technology and Deep-learning. With never before seen technology, HONGBOG brings AI Healthcare to whole new level. 



with Higher Accuracy

HONGBOG AI Healthcare can diagnosis multiple illness at once. This allows customers to cross check between several illness and provides higher accuracy.

Eliminate Time

and Place Limitation

With HONGBOG AI Healthcare, Customers can get telemedicine anytime at anyplace. This provides patient and medical experts both convenience and fast speed diagnosis. 

Save Expensive

Medical Expenses

HONGBOG AI Healthcare offers the chance to save money for hospitals and individuals. There is no need for special medical equipment. Just take picture of your iris with your own smartphone.



Medical Data Security

Medical data has to be kept confidential.

With HONGBOG's AI Healthcare, only the registered personnel can access the data.

High-risk patient Management

By keeping track of symptoms shown in iris, hospitals can separate high-risk patients and manage them regularly.


Iris film taken with smartphone and the result of AI Healthcare is automatically sent to a server of hospital. Based on the result, doctor can give treatment to patient through smartphone.

Medical Companies

Personalized Medicine

Based on Big Data gathered through AI Healthcare, medical companies can develop medicines with less side-effect and new medicines for new diseases.

New treatment R&D

Based on Big Data gathered through AI Healthcare, hospitals and Laboratories can develop more effective treatments and respond to new highly contagious diseases.

Insurance Companies

Data-based Insurance Service

Insurance companies can provide accurate insurance services based on proven data from AI Healthcare and save cost spent for insurance fraud 



Workout Recommendation

Based on the diagnosis result of iris film taken with smartphone, AI recommends exercises needed to keep you fit. 

Diet Recommendation

Based on the diagnosis result of iris film taken with smartphone, AI recommends diet plans that keep you healthy. 

Pet Healthcare

Pet owners can take care of their pets by taking picture of their pets' iris and using HONGBOG's AI Healthcare, which shows pets' condition. 

Employee Condition

By using HONGBOG's AI Healthcare,

companies can acknowledge the condition of workers everyday and prevent future accidents.



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