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Cloud Service Security

As internet became part of everyday life, we continue to save data on cloud.

Securing information and data we enter and save on the internet cloud has become crucial.

HONGBOG's Cloud Service Security protects not only user's personal information and data,

but also the mass data kept by the public and the government.




Total global annual cost of all data breaches by 2019
Ranking of reported crime
in 2016
Number of registered security vulnerabilities in computer software worldwide



Users varying from child to elders, housewife to workers can use 

HONGBOG's Iris authentication with ease.

HONGBOG offers iris authentication in various fields, starting from personal smartphone to corporate and government cloud servers.


Private Security


Password is not safe anymore. 

With just glance, customers can authenticate themselves conveniently.


Instead of signature with pen which can be copied by 3rd person, sign with your iris which is more secure and unforgable.

Computer Log on/off

Protect data on the computer by setting iris authentication as a way to log on and log off of computer.

Server Access

Protect data on the server by setting iris authentication as a means to increase clearance level.

Machine Control

With iris authentication, turn on and turn off a machine and gain access to high clearance level functions of a machine.

Public Security

Law enforcement

Rather than asking and searching identity of criminals, law enforcement can now use iris authentication to identify criminals.

Border Control

Travelers' identity can be checked out faster than ever with fast and accurate iris authentication

Lost person Identification

When a person with illness or memory loss get lost on the street, police can easily check his or her identity with simple and fast iris authentication.

Pet Identification 

Without having to insert chips to pets, returning lost pets to their owners and checking their insurance information can be done with simple iris authentication.

Customer Management

When running a place with crowded people, authenticating customers' iris before entrance can prevent kidnapping or any lost person.


Compliant to

ISO Standards

HONGBOG's Iris Authentication Algorithms comply with ISO19794-6 image format. This allows it to be compatible with known iris matching algorithms.


Proprietary Algorithm

HONGBOG’s proprietary iris algorithm smartly processes low-quality iris images and performs well under less-than-optimal lighting conditions.

Convenient in

Any Circumstance

With HONGBOG's Iris Authentication Algorithms, customers can authenticate their iris even with their lens or glasses on.



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