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Internet of Things

IoT(Internet of Things) has become a part of our life which cannot be separated.

With people all over the world using IoT, it is crucial to take action in securing personal information and devices. HONGBOG offers IoT products combined with proprietary security solution to ensure privacy.

By 2020, 25 percent of cyber attacks against enterprises will involve IoT devices. (Source: Gartner)


During a 6-month period in 2017, more than 1.8 million cyber attacks were conducted through home network routers(Source: Trend Micro)

72 percent of people globally believe that connected home devices offer hackers new ways to steal data. (Source: Symantec)

HONGBOG Smart IoT Security System

HONGBOG's Smart IoT Security System combines HONGBOG's proprietary technology and IoT devices. With secured IoT connection, you can protect your home and yourself. 


By integrating Geo-fence technology with HONGBOG's Smart IoT Security System,

HONGBOG provides double security clearance level and make your Smarthome more secure.  


No need for Professional Security Company

HONGBOG Smart IoT Security system enables customers to secure their assets on their own. This eliminates the need for personal data to be handled by other professional security company.

High Security

with Convenience

With just smartphone, customers can access HONGBOG Smart IoT Security system at anytime and anywhere, and can secure their home with unreplicable iris. 

Save Expensive

Security Expenses

HONGBOG Smart IoT Security system offers the chance to save money for individuals and companies. There is no need for expensive security devices. 

Just authenticate your iris with your own smartphone.


Smart Home Security

With HONGBOG Smart IoT SecuritySystem, Smarthome can only be accessed and controlled after only after Iris authentication, making your home more secure.

Monitor Children

Parents are able to access CCTV and Geo-fence function to check safe arrival and departure of their children from remote places.

Parcel Locker Control

HONGBOG Smart IoT SecuritySystem enables the households to access CCTV and gain control of their parcel lockers even in remote location.

Security for Single Household

Single households can access their IoT devices before the arrival, so that their home is bright and safe. They can also remotely access CCTV to check if their home is safe.

Auto Light Control

When registered personnel comes into Geo-Fence area, lights on street are automatically turned on. 

Self-Driving Car Control

HONGBOG Smart IoT Security System makes it easier to open and gain control of self-driving car with identification of the driver.

Security system Control

By enabling remote control of security system of the house, home owners can turn on and off the security system whenever and where ever they want.

Prevent Crime

When stranger is detected, HONGBOG Smart IoT System sends alarm to home owner's smartphone, which allows them to prevent crimes in advance.

Pet Monitoring

Pet owners on travel or at work can access CCTV to check whether their pet are safe and sound, and turn on devices at home to adjust the environment or even feed them

Communication Tool for Workers

When the manager is in remote place and the worker needs helps or in an urgent situation, the worker just push SmartWiFi doorbell. Then, HONGBOG Smart IoT System automatically shows CCTV and worker can communicate through it.



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