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Compact size and Low cost

Smallest Mobile Lens and SMD Infra-Red LED for Iris recognition

• Smallest M3.5 Mobile Iris Recognition Lens

  - Front Side (2MP: One Iris)

  - 3.5 x 3.5 x 2.3(Thick) mm

  - Can be embedded into OTP card, SmartWatch, SmartPhone


• SMD Infra-Red LED for Iris recognition

  - Low Cost (Not OSRAM IR LED)

  - 250 ~ 300 mm Distance for iris capture

  - Compliant with IEC 62471 Eye Safety


•  Dual Band Pass Filter

  - Face Color Video Image for Color face recognition and Grey Iris image for Iris recognition with one camera image sensor

 (Not Auto filter Changer)

Cost Competitiveness with Proprietary technologies

- Lens


- Band pass filter

- Iris Recognition SW

Ease of Use and Fast Speed

• Capture a good quality focusing Iris image even with eyeglasses easily(Auto Capturing)

• Iris recognition only within 1 second

 - Optimized Iris Recognition software which is able to process with the same processing speed as PC

 - Not face and eye image recognition

 - Compensation regardless of lux, angle, essential tremor(Reduce image processing load)

Standardized and Accurate

Mobile Iris Recognition SW compliant with ISO

• Image Compensation regardless of lux, angle, essential tremor(Reduce image processing load)

• Compliant with ISO19794-6

  - In order to avoid FAR and FRR in the 1:N biometric massive database

  - International Inter-operatibility for mobile payment

1:1, 1:N Iris Recognition SW (Iris Authentication Server Management)


- FIDO : Fast Identity Online

- UAF : Universal Authentication Framework

- Smartphone : ARM Processor trustzone +  Iris Authentication

- Provide a secure mobile payment solution(1:1 Verification) for FinTech and IoT

• Massive Iris Matching Engine (1:N)

  - Non FIDO

  - Used for : IRIS Access Control, Time Attendance, PC Security (Log-On, Screen saver)

• BioAPI V 2.0 (International Standard)


BioAPI Framework(1:n)
TOE Operation(1:1)

Patent-Registered Technology 

• Own patent for Iris recognition SW and HW in both South Korea and USA

• Provide a various Iris products combined with a security solution

• Support a multiple Operation System for a authentication platform(Android, Windows, Linux, iOS)

HONGBOG's Patent

• Method and Camera Device for Capturing Iris or Subject of Good Quality with One Bandpass Filter Passing Both Visible Ray and Near Infra Red Ray

• Method and System for Iris Recognition

• Method and Apparatus for Iris Recognition and Wireless Communication Device Security System Using It (Republic of Korea Registered patent/PCT)

• Iris Information Based 3-Factor User Authentication Method for OTP Generation and Secure Two Way Authentication System of Wireless Communication Device Authentication Using OTP

 (Republic of Korea registered patent/USA Pending Patent)